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Mar 12, 2011 5:00am EST
growing concern about the bombing of rebel-held areas by gaddafi's forces, there are voices in the u.s. and europe calling for the rebels to be armed to directly. it sounds simple, but history offers plenty of cautionary tales. in a moment, we will hear whether senator john mccain thinks it is a good idea. >> what i am calling for is a greater access for the libyan opposition forces for weaponry. >> there is no guarantee that by helping these people, you necessarily bring about a more democratic outcome or more desirable outcome. >> the question is, what kind of arms with a supply? whom would supply them? britain session -- britain's special forces may have suffered a setback last week in libya. but the momentum is still building in the west for military intervention of some kind, including perhaps arm the rebels. in libya, repeated bombing by government warplanes around the rebel-held oil town of ras lanuf marks colonel gaddafi's drive in his country. opposition forces are determined, but still lack a clear organization or command structure. the worst violence was reported near tripol
Mar 26, 2011 5:00am EDT
of the policies the u.s. government has been using at guantanamo bay and other such sites and past has now come to american citizens. >> for an innovation in libya with the french philosopher who urged president sarkozy to take action there. and the editor of a pan arab newspaper. ♪ >> hello. at least 20 people have been killed in recent weeks as bahrain's sunni rulers backed by saudi led military force and to crush a month-long uprising by the tiny island kingdom's chez at -- shiite majority. the u.n. human rights organization set up to 100 people have been reported missing since the government began cracking down on the protests. before those protests even began, we were investigating the regime's attempt to stifle the opposition. here is his assessment of the current standoff. >> after four weeks of protests, on march 16, the baring police and army cleared the square. five protesters are dead. an estimated 100 missing. some arrested, some in hiding, fearing for their lives. there is a climate of fear across the shia community. since march 16 in the clearing of the protesters, the governmen
Mar 19, 2011 5:00am EDT
for demonstrating in this country. the ministry of information drove us into town to film the no show. report what you see, said the policemen in charge. >> why do you feel the need to demonstrate? >> because i need freedom. i need democracy. they do not ask. we do and not have the right to speak. if you speak, they will stop you after 5 minutes. >> you're not scared? >> i am not scared. everybody here wants to be in this. >> what do you think will happen to you now? >> i will go to jail. when you do not have a right to speak, you are in the jail. >> he said that saudi arabia needs of parliament and the constitution. we were told we have to go, but i wanted to accompany him back to his car and take his phone number. not that it helped much. he was followed by a police car, and when we telephoned him at home, there was no answer. the saudi government claims people have no need to demonstrate because they have a method of government that works. the king meets with advisers and tribal leaders to discuss laws. he has been called a reformer, but so far, national elections have proven a step too far. th
Mar 5, 2011 5:00am EST
mubarak. >> as long as it harbors bad intentions towards us, we don't want aid from anyone. >> the wedding is a gathering of religious and political faithful. that is the limit of her ambition. >> women should not take part in governing the country at all. there are emotional and should not govern. as a man, i am not allowed to participate in her part of the wedding. in the new democratic egypt, where the brotherhood's leaders be more pragmatic than the grass roots? their views are not so clear. they represented the brothers to change the constitution. he doesn't want a christian or a woman to run egypt. >> they should not occupy the highest posts of the presidency. it is the same policy in greece, spain, and england. we are the majority. >> women are not a minority. they make up half of the population. >> we are talking about who will lead the people in prayer. islam gives women all the rights except for the right to do that. how can a woman lead the people in prayer? >> most egyptians are muslims, but not everyone wants an islamic state. the proposed changes -- the brotherhood's apparent
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12 (some duplicates have been removed)